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[DMANET] Second CFP: Springer CASM Special Issue on Modeling Large-scale Communication Networks (D/Line: March 15, 2013)

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This special issue of Springer Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling (CASM)
intends to publish high quality original research as well as review articles
on case studies, models and methods for the modeling and simulation of
large-scale computer communication networks using either of the following
two approaches:
- Complex networks (Such as modeled, simulated or analyzed using tools
such as Gephi, Network Workbench, Visone, Cytoscape, Pajek and others).
- Agent-based models (such as based on NetLogo, Repast, Mason, Swarm
and others)

Modern computer communication networks often involve a large number of
interacting and adapting entities or nodes. These nodes can be modeled as
agents interacting with each other as well as adapting over time as well as
space. While a large body of literature exists on the modeling and
simulation of computer networks, most current models do not cater for this
emergent complex nature of networks even though such networks can be better
represented as Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS), a special class of complex
systems. Meanwhile, a large and multidisciplinary CAS community has evolved
well-developed methods and techniques for the modeling and simulation of CAS
including the use of techniques such as complex networks and Agent-based
Modeling; both of which have been demonstrated to be effective approaches
for the modeling of different aspects of CAS.
Recent work has demonstrated the utility of using either of these approaches
for the modeling of computer communication networks. This special issue of
CASM aims to consolidate such research on the use of these CAS modeling
techniques in the modeling of modern large-scale Complex communication
networks or Complex Adaptive COmmunicatiOn Networks and EnvironmentS

Papers submitted to the special issue conform to the scope of the journal
CASM and include a detailed cover letter as outlined here:

Topics of interest include areas such as but not limited to the
agent-based/complex network-based modeling and Simulation of:
- Multiagent systems
- Cognitive Sensor Networks
- Wireless Sensor Networks
- Sensor Actuator Networks
- Cloud computing infra-structures
- Internet of Things
- Service-oriented architectures
- Pervasive/Mobile Computing
- Peer-to-peer networks

Deadline: March, 15, 2012
First Decision: Typically within 5 weeks of submission

About Springer Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling Journal
Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling (CASM) is a highly multidisciplinary
modeling and simulation journal that serves as a unique forum for original,
high-quality peer-reviewed papers with a specific interest and scope limited
to agent-based and complex network-based modeling paradigms for Complex
Adaptive Systems (CAS). CASM is part of the SpringerOpen/BioMed Central
journals suite, which is the world's largest open access publisher. CASM
offers a fast peer-review and publication policy.

Other features of SpringerOpen include:
- Portability of peer-review across journals
- Open access - publications are freely available online
- High-level peer review, production and publishing processes
- Authors retain copyright to their work
- High visibility through different platforms
- Easy compliance with open access mandates
- Citation tracking and inclusion in bibliographic databases

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Muaz A. Niazi, PhD SMIEEE
Computer & Software Engineering Dept.,
Bahria University, Pakistan
Editor-in-Chief Springer Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling
Editor-in-Chief IGI Global IJPHIM

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