Tuesday, May 4, 2021

[DMANET] Call for location ICALP 2023


The International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming
(ICALP) is the main conference and annual meeting of the EATCS (European
Association for Theoretical Computer Science). This international
conference was launched in 1972 and covers all aspects of theoretical
computer science. ICALP comprises the main, two-track conference over
four days, plus a pre- and/or a post-workshop day.

We invite proposals for locations to host the 50th ICALP, to be held in
the first half of July 2023. Previous (and upcoming) ICALP editions include:

* ICALP 2022 in Paris (France)
* ICALP 2021 in Glasgow (UK), virtual
* ICALP 2020 in Saarbrücken (Germany), virtual
* ICALP 2019 in Patras (Greece)
* ICALP 2018 in Prague (Czech Rep.)

The deadline for proposals is *** June 15, 2021 ***.
Proposals or informal inquires should be sent to the Steering Committee
chair or the President of the EATCS (see contact information below).
Selected proposals are to be presented at the General Assembly of the
EATCS at ICALP 2021.

Proposals should address the following points:

- name(s) of the Conference Chair(s) and their host institution
- proposed location (and possibly venue)
- appropriateness of the proposed dates (including possible holidays or
other events)
- travel information and estimated transportation costs
- estimated accommodation and registration costs
- conference facilities (session and plenary rooms, workshop rooms)

Steering Committee chair: Anca Muscholl (anca at labri dot fr)
EATCS president: Artur Czumaj (aczumaj at acm dot org)
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