Wednesday, May 19, 2021

[DMANET] CFP "Optimizing Development and Delivery of Personalized Medicine via Computational Intelligence" Special Session @ IEEE CIBCB 2021

SPECIAL SESSION: *Optimizing Development and Delivery of Personalized
Medicine via Computational Intelligence*

18th IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence in
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (CIBCB), 13-15 October 2021,
Melbourne, Australia

The IEEE CIBCB 2021 conference will bring together top researchers,
practitioners, academics and students from around the globe to discuss the
latest advances in the field of computational intelligence and its
informatics, bioengineering and related fields. Computational intelligence
approaches include artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, evolutionary
algorithms, hybrid algorithms and other emerging techniques.

This special session will present various aspects of the design and
application of computational intelligence techniques to the development and
delivery of personalised medicine (PM). Some personalised medical products,
such as Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) are at the intersection
of multiple healthcare logistic networks and, due to their novelty,
research around their commercialisation is still in its infancy from an
operations research perspective. Topics of interest include, but are not
limited, to the application of computational intelligence to the following

- Optimization models for single and multi-echelon PM supply chains.
- Innovation and emerging technologies in the manufacturing of ATMPs.
- PM supply chain coordination.
- Demand forecasting and fair patient allocation for PM.
- The effects of COVID-19 on the development and delivery of PM.
- Managing perishable PM products.
- Local versus global delivery of PM.

We accept long papers (up to 8 pages) and short papers (up 2 pages, which
will find a place in a companion proceeding). The short papers can also
discuss recently accepted/published papers appearing in a top conference or

*Important dates:*

Deadline for submission: *30 May 2021*

Notification of acceptance: 15 June 2021

Deadline for final paper submission: 15 July 2021


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