Wednesday, May 19, 2021

[DMANET] FAW 2021 Call for Papers (Last round)

The 15th Frontiers of Algorithmics Workshop (FAW 2021) will be held as a track in IJTCS 2021.

The deadline of submission is extended to 26 May, 2021.


Important Dates

Submission: May 26, 2021, 11:59 pm anywhere on Earth
Notification: June 26th, 2021


IJTCS 2021 is an International Joint Conference on Theoretical Computer Science to be held on August 16-20, 2021, cooperated with Peking University in Beijing. And IJTCS2021 is just the second time IJTCS. IJTCS 2021 will cooperate with CSIAM and CCF to provide you with a feast of theoretical computer science.

This meeting welcomes author submission of papers concerning any branch of the theoretical computer science, together with focus tracks in Algorithmic Game Theory, Blockchain, Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning, Quantum Computation, Theory of Machine Learning, Machine Learning, and Formal Method, and Algorithm and Complexity. We will also host a Female Scientist Forum, a Young PhD Forum, and an Undergraduate Research Forum.

The following tracks are open to submission this year:

Track A: Algorithmic Game Theory
Track B: Game Theory in Blockchain
Track G: The 15th Frontiers of Algorithmics Workshop

For track specific requirements, please check:

Submission Guidelines

Authors are invited to submit an abstract of one page or an extended abstract of no more than 12 pages, excluding references and the front page(s) (authors, affiliation, keywords, abstract, ...), presenting original research on the theory of computer science. The specific requirements of submissions may be different in each track. All submissions must be formatted in the LNCS style and submitted via Easychair to the appropriate track of the conference, using the following link:

The proceedings of the Conference will be published by Springer-Verlag in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series, and will be available for distribution at the conference.

The use of pdflatex and the LNCS style are mandatory: papers that deviate significantly from the required format may be rejected without consideration of merit.

No prior publication and no simultaneous submission to other publication outlets (either a conference or a journal) are allowed.

Technical details necessary for a proper scientific evaluation of a submission must be included in the 12-page submission or in a clearly labeled appendix, to be consulted at the discretion of program committee members. Authors are strongly encouraged to also make full versions of their submissions freely accessible in an on-line repository such as ArXiv, HAL, ECCC.

Every accepted paper requires at least one author to attend the meeting and deliver the talk. The paper may be excluded from the proceedings if none of the authors attends the conference.

The submission deadline of IJTCS2021 is May 26, 2021, 11:59 pm anywhere on Earth.


Advisor Committee Chair
Wen Gao (Peking University)
Hong Mei (CCF President)
Pingwen Zhang (CSIAM President and Peking University)

Conference Chair

John E.Hopcroft (Cornell University)
Huimin Lin (UCAS)

General Chair

Xiaotie Deng (Peking University)

Program Committee Chair

* Xiaoming Sun (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

* Xiaotie Deng (Peking University)

* Minming Li (City University of Hong Kong)

* Pinyan Lu (SHUFE)

* Jian Li (Tsinghua University)

Track Chair

Yukun Cheng (USTS) & Zhengyang Liu (Beijing Institute of Technology) & Zhihao Tang (SHUFE) , PC chair track A (Algorithmic Game Theory)
Jing Chen (Stony Brook University) & Xiaotie Deng (Peking University), PC chair track B (Game Theory in Blockchain)
Wenxin Li (Peking University) & Haifeng Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences), PC chair track C (Multi-agent Learning, Multi-agent System, Multi-agent Games)
Jian Li (Tsinghua University), PC chair track D (Learning Theory)
Xiaoming Sun (Chinese Academy of Sciences), PC chair track E (Quantum Computing)
Lijun Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences), PC chair track F (Machine Learning and Formal Method)
Minming Li (City University of Hong Kong) & Guochuan Zhang (Zhejiang University), PC chair track G (The 15th Frontiers of Algorithmics Workshop)
Zhaohua Chen (Peking University), PC chair (Undergraduate Research Forum)
Yuqing Kong (Peking University) , PC chair (Female Forum)
Xiang Yan (Huawei), PC chair (Young Phd Forum)



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