Monday, May 17, 2021

[DMANET] Highlights of Logic, Games, and Automata 2021: 2nd Call for Presentations

HIGHLIGHTS 2021: 9th annual conference on Highlights of LOGIC, GAMES, and

15-17 September 2021, online (originally planned to be held in Aachen)

We invite submissions for contributed talks (around 10 minutes).

+ Submission deadline: 4 JUNE, 7pm GMT
+ Notification: 18 JUNE, 7pm GMT


HIGHLIGHTS 2021 is the 9th conference on Highlights of Logic, Games, and
Automata that aims to integrate the diverse research community working in
the areas of Logic, Finite Model Theory, Automata Theory, Games and
Verification. Individual papers are dispersed across many conferences,
which makes them challenging to follow. Participating in the annual
Highlights conference offers a wide picture of the latest research in the
field and a chance to meet and interact with most of the members of the
research community. The speakers are encouraged to present their best
recent work at Highlights, whether already published elsewhere or not.

The three-day conference (15-17 September) will be preceded by a tutorial
day (14 September).
This year's edition will be held online, with no registration fee or with
a moderate one (around 10 EUR).

TUTORIALS (September 14)
+ Christoph Haase "A guided tour through Presburger arithmetic and friends"
+ Michal Pilipczuk "Old and new advances in model checking first order

+ Rajeev Alur
+ Balder ten Cate
+ Karoliina Lehtinen
+ Nutan Lime
+ Joel Ouaknine

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