Monday, May 24, 2021

[DMANET] Professor (tenured) in Data Management, Aalto University, Finland

The Aalto University Department of Computer Science
<> - in the
top-20 young universities worldwide - invites applications for an
*Associate or Full Professor position in Data Management*. The position
is focused on the development of large-scale data systems and
processing needed for modern data-intensive applications. Research
topics relevant to the position can include but are not limited to:

* Big data warehouses/analytics systems
* Distributed and cloud database systems
* Knowledge and data engineering methodologies and techniques
* Modern databases, including Non-relational (NoSQL), in-memory, graph
and multi-model databases
* Online, distributed and stream transaction and query processing

With 44 professors and more than 400 employees from 45 countries, the
Department of Computer Science is home to world-class research in modern
computer science on both foundations and innovative applications. The
department is committed to fostering an inclusive environment with
diverse faculty members. Therefore, applications from groups that have
been underrepresented in computer science are particularly sought.

Finland is a great place for living
<> with or without family:
it is a safe and well-organized Nordic society, where equality is highly
valued and extensive social security supports people in all situations
of life.

Finland's free high-quality education system is also internationally

For more information visit:

The call is open until June 13, 2021.

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