Tuesday, May 18, 2021

[DMANET] Call for Workshop Proposals -- IEEE PerCom 2022

* Important Dates *

- Workshop proposal submission deadline: July 2nd, 2021
- Notification: July 26th, 2021

IEEE PerCom is the premier annual scholarly venue in pervasive computing and
communications. Pervasive computing has not only been a vivid research area,
but also found its way into many commercial and consumer systems and
applications due to tremendous advances in a broad spectrum of technologies
and topics such as wireless networking, mobile and distributed computing,
sensor and actuator systems, ambient intelligence, and smart mobile and
embedded devices. Due to the pervasiveness of such systems, users become
central in the development and realization of innovative pervasive systems.
Advances in all these fields have led to innovative platforms,
protocols, systems, and applications but still a lot can be done to improve
quality, sustainability and acceptance.

In 2022, PerCom will be held in Pisa, which is known for its precious gothic
and renaissance-style buildings including the world-famous leaning tower as
well as art and culture in general. Currently, PerCom 2022 is planned as a
hybrid event, partly in presence, partly virtual, with the option to adapt
to the dynamic pandemic situation.

The PerCom 2022 Organizing Committee invites proposals for one-day or
half-day workshops, to be held prior to or immediately after the main
conference. The purpose of the workshops is to stimulate discussions on
state-of-the-art, emerging, visionary, and also controversial topics.
Workshops should be organized to promote lively interaction, and plans to
promote interaction and discussion must be clearly addressed in the written
workshop proposals. The organizers of accepted workshops are required to
publicize the workshop through disseminating the call for papers, solicit
submissions, conduct the reviewing process, and decide upon the final
workshop program. At least one organizer must be physically present at the
workshop. We are aware that the possibility to visit Pisa depends on the
future pandemic situation and of course only applies under the assumption
that PerCom can take place as a hybrid event (at least partially in
So organizers should plan on a best-effort basis, possibly including
organizers from different locations, for instance, to limit the risk of
travel restrictions.

Workshop proposals are solicited in all areas and topics pertaining to
research and applications in pervasive computing and communications.
addressing new emerging research directions in pervasive computing and
communication are especially welcome. Further, workshops with novel formats,
e.g., focused on a specific topic in a tutorial-style fashion, are strongly
encouraged. Workshop papers will be included and indexed in the IEEE digital
library (Xplore). The page limit for accepted regular workshop papers is 6
pages, including all figures, tables, and references.

* Workshop Proposal Submission Instructions *

Workshop proposals should be submitted (in PDF format) no later than

July 2nd, 2021

by e-mail to


with "PerCom 2022 Workshop Proposal" in the subject.

Each workshop proposal must include:

1. The workshop title and acronym.

2. The name, address, and a short bio of up to 200 words for each of the
workshop organizers; workshops may have up to three organizers. It is
recommended that organizers belong to at least two different institutions.

3. A brief description (up to 2 pages) of

a) the technical issues that the workshop will address,
b) the reasons the workshop is of interest to the PerCom community,
c) a description of the communities/groups the workshop aims to attract,
d) a short discussion of related workshops and conferences and an outline
of why the proposed workshop is unique.

4. The planned format of the workshop (e.g., keynotes, paper presentations,
posters, demos) and duration (e.g., one-day, half-day). You must also
a well-defined strategy to facilitate lively and interactive discussions. In
your plan, please also consider the hybrid or (depending on the situation)
fully virtual format and outline, how you could support an engaging
You can also take advantage of the infrastructure provide by PerCom (Zoom,
GatherTown, Slack, etc.)

5. A description of past editions of the workshop (if the workshop had
already been held before), including the number of submitted and accepted
papers and number of attendees. Please also address any differences
between the proposed edition of the workshop and the previous edition(s).
OR, if the workshop is new, an estimate of the expected number of submitted
and accepted papers, and of the expected number of attendees.

6. A description of the publicity plan.

7. The names of potential program committee members.

8. The workshop website address.

Tentative dates for workshop paper submission and notification
(*not* to be confused with the earlier dates for submitting workshop

- Paper submission deadline: November 14, 2021
- Paper notification: January 5, 2022


Workshop Chairs

- Antinisca Di Marco, University of L'Aquila, Italy
- Frank Duerr, University of Stuttgart, Germany

PerCom General Chairs

- Andrea Passarella, IIT-CNR, Italy
- Carlo Vallati, University of Pisa, Italy

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