Tuesday, May 18, 2021

[DMANET] PhD Position in Analytic Combinatorics of Directed Acyclic Graphs at TU Wien (Michael Wallner)

Project Description

The field of analytic combinatorics focuses on the analysis of large
discrete structures such as their quantitative and qualitative
behaviors. As such, it utilizes connections between combinatorial
mathematics and classical analysis.

Possible PhD projects will focus on the asymptotic enumeration of trees
and tree-like structures. Such objects appear in numerous scientific
fields, ranging from automata theory in computer science to phylogenetic
trees in biology. We are interested in understanding the typical shape
of such objects, however, the precise questions studied can be as
diverse as the objects themselves. Our focus lies on the basic counting
problem and in particular on cases which exhibit in their asymptotics
the still mysterious phenomenon of stretched exponentials
where m>0 and s in (0,1).

For more information see:

PhD Position

The basic requirement for this position is a good working knowledge in
discrete mathematics, combinatorics, and complex analysis. Knowledge in
analytic combinatorics is preferred but not required.

The advertised position is associated with the Institute of Discrete
Mathematics and Geometry of the Technische Universitaet Wien in the FWF
Stand-Alone project P 34142 "Stretched exponentials and beyond" led by
Dr. Michael Wallner. It is a full time PhD position for 3 years with a
gross monthly income of EUR 2,237.60 (14x a year, which is the Austrian
income according to FWF regulations). The position will start in autumn
2021 or later.

We explicitly encourage female researchers to apply. Given equal
qualifications, preference will be given to female candidates.

Application Requirements and Procedure

The candidate must have a Master's degree (or equivalent) in Mathematics
or Computer Science when the PhD position starts. The application
documents should contain a letter of motivation (including title and
topic of Master's thesis, as well as name and contact details of the
supervisor; max. 1 page), the CV (including list of publications, if
available), the higher education certificates/diplomas, a list of
courses taken so far, grade reports, and the Master's thesis, if available.

Applications have to be sent to michael.wallner@tuwien.ac.at in a single
ZIP file by June 30 to receive full consideration. Shortlisted
candidates will be invited for an (online) interview.

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