Friday, May 7, 2021

[DMANET] New book announcement: matheuristics

New book announcement: matheuristics


This book is the first comprehensive tutorial on matheuristics.
Matheuristics are based on mathematical extensions of previously known
heuristics, mainly metaheuristics, and on original, area-specific
approaches. This tutorial provides a detailed discussion of both
contributions, presenting the pseudocodes of over 40 algorithms,
abundant literature references, and for each case a step-by-step
description of a sample run on a common Generalized Assignment Problem
example. C++ source codes of all algorithms are available in an
associated SW repository.

Table of contents (10 chapters):
The Generalized Assignment Problem Pages 3-33
Automatic Design for Matheuristics Pages 35-57
Single Solution Metaheuristics Pages 61-94
Population-Based Metaheuristics Pages 95-130
Diving Heuristics Pages 133-141
Very Large-Scale Neighborhood Search Pages 143-158
Decomposition-Based Heuristics Pages 159-177
Corridor Method Pages 179-187
Kernel Search Pages 189-197
Fore-and-Back Pages 199-211

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