Thursday, September 15, 2022

[DMANET] [CFP - Deadline Extended] CARDINAL 2023 - 1st International Workshop on Cost-effective Algorithms for Robots and Drones In Novel AppLications

CARDINAL 2023 - 1st International Workshop on Cost-effective Algorithms for Robots and Drones In Novel AppLications

January 4-7, 2023
co-located with ICDCN 2023

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Aims and Scope
Recently, the rapid development of Unmanned Vehicles (UVs) such as Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) (i.e., robots) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) (i.e., drones), has highlighted a myriad of new emergent applications such as infrastructure inspection and surveillance, smart agriculture, monitoring, search and rescue, parcel delivery, communications, and post-disaster recovery, just to mention a few. In all these novel applications, ground and aerial vehicles may jointly work together, and also coexist with ground Internet of Things (IoT) devices. For instance, multiple UGVs can perform particular tasks relying on the IoT sensors' perceived data, while a swarm of UAVs can assist the UGVs relaying the collected data by the UGVs to the base station, in order to infer opportune decisions and take actions. Therefore, efficient data collection and networking algorithms should be devised for.
For this workshop, we are looking for papers that combine the design of novel algorithms and testbed implementations to develop the theoretical foundations for UVs as well as the synergies with IoT devices. The numerous emergent applications raised by IoT may require an interdisciplinary approach, involving techniques from algorithm foundations and different areas, such as computer networks, artificial intelligence, concurrent, parallel and distributed computing, networking, security, digital signal, image and sound processing.

Topics of Interest
- 5G and 6G applications with UVs
- Autonomous sensing via UVs
- Topology monitoring with UVs
- Remote sensing networks via UVs
- Communication protocols of UVs
- Modeling and analysis of UVs
- Precision agriculture and UVs
- UVs for environmental monitoring
- UVs path planning and scheduling
- Parcel delivery using UVs
- Constrained and multi-objectives problems
- Sensors localization with UVs
- UVs tracking techniques
- Cooperative control of multiple UVs
- Cyber-security communications and UVs
- Optimal UV deployment strategies
- Test-beds and experimental results for UVs
- Single- and Multi-UV applications
- Energy-efficient UV communications
- Machine learning for UV communications

Important dates
- Abstract Submission: September 25th, 2022
- Paper Submission: September 25th, 2022
- Acceptance Notification: October 15th, 2022
- Camera Ready: October 31st, 2022

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