Tuesday, September 27, 2022

[DMANET] PhD project on ‘Robust Transportation Routes for Disaster Areas’

The Fraunhofer ITWM and Institute for Computer Science at University of Wuerzburg are looking for a PhD student to work on a joint PhD project on 'Robust Transportation Routes for Disaster Areas' in collaboration with the World Food Programme of the United Nations.
In the event of disasters like earthquakes or floodings, getting help to the affected people fast is crucial. However, in particular in less developed regions, information on where help is needed most and to which extent transportation infrastructure is still usable is scarce. The Image Processing group at Fraunhofer ITWM has developed software that can identify destroyed buildings based on pictures taken by drones and thus help to prioritize which locations the help should be directed to.
The topic of the new PhD project is to determine robust transportation routes to reach the locations in question, based on geographical information and the state of roads and buildings as detected by the drones. The task includes an adequate modeling of the situation as optimization problem and the development and implementation of solution methods, taking into account the limited computation capacity on site.
The applicant should
• possess a Msc degree in Mathematics or Computer Science, Transport Engineering, quantitative Operations Research or similar,
• have experience with the design and implementation of algorithms and/or integer linear programming,
• like to present the research in written and oral form (publications and conference presentations), and
• enjoy working with different project partners
Please contact Marie Schmidt (marie.schmidt@uni-wuerzburg.de) for more information, or to send your application (including motivation letter, CV, diplomas and grade list)

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