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[DMANET] PhD positions in Campus Georges Charpak Provence (Gardanne, 13, France) of Mines Saint-Etienne


You will find below three PhD positions. Thank you for your help.

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Stéphane Dauzère-Pérès


PhD thesis - Campus Georges Charpak Provence (Gardanne, 13, France) of
Mines Saint-Etienne

Titre : « Agile planning of railway resources »
Context : Collaboration with SNCF (National French Railway Company)
Contact : Stéphane Dauzère-Pérès (dauzere-peres@emse.fr)

Classical problems in railway resource planning aim to build train
timetables  by planning in a sequential, and sometimes integrated, way
the different critical resources: Train paths, rolling stock and
drivers. In the operational implementation of the transport plan, the
objective is to return to the plan as quickly as possible (in other
words, to absorb the delays in relation to the theoretical timetables)
while minimizing the costs and the impact on the service to the
customers (passengers or goods).
This thesis aims to explore two complementary axes to better control the
performance of the railway system. The first axis is interested in
questioning the transport plan in the event of disturbances in order to
better meet expectations by not forcing the system unnecessarily to
return "to normal". In particular, the goal will be to characterize the
new objectives to be optimized from a disturbed initial situation, for
example minimizing waiting times without necessarily respecting the
theoretical timetable. Building on the work conducted in the first axis,
the second axis aims to rethink the design of the transport plan to
facilitate its modifications at the operational level if necessary.
Research work on agile planning has already been carried out in this
direction and could serve as a basis.

PhD thesis - Campus Georges Charpak Provence (Gardanne, 13, France) of
Mines Saint-Etienne

Titre : « Integration of scheduling and sampling decisions »
Context : ANR project in collaboration with NTU (National Taiwan University)
Contact : Claude Yugma (yugma@emse.fr)

Optimizing scheduling decisions of lots on production machines is a
particularly difficult problem in semiconductor manufacturing.
Additionally, some lots are sampled for measurement on metrology
machines to minimize risk. Scheduling decisions and sampling decisions
are usually made independently. Finally, the sampled lots must be
scheduled on the metrology machines. This thesis aims to integrate
scheduling decisions on production machines, sampling decisions and
scheduling decisions on metrology machines. The health of the production
machines and the deterioration of this health over time should also be
considered. Conventional production criteria should be considered as
well as new risk minimization criteria. The problems considered are
original and motivated by industrial issues.
The thesis work will first aim to characterize the various problems more
precisely and to position them in the literature. Several solution
methods will be developed, and the proposed approaches will be validated
on data provided by an industrial partner.

PhD thesis - DecisionBrain (Paris, France) and Campus Georges Charpak
Provence (Gardanne, 13, France) of Mines Saint-Etienne

Titre : « Integration of complex production planning and scheduling
problems with consideration of environmental considerations »
Context : CIFRE (industrial) PhD thesis with DecisionBrain
Contact : Stéphane Dauzère-Pérès (dauzere-peres@emse.fr)

Despite the significant works in the scientific literature on production
planning and scheduling, relatively few works have focused on the
integration of the two types of problems, in particular with the
consideration of industrial constraints as well as environmental
constraints or objectives. It is thus frequent that a plan calculated at
the tactical level with aggregated constraints is not feasible at the
operational level. This lack of consistency can lead to significant
material and financial losses, as well as significant impacts on the
environment. However, with advanced information and decision support
systems, the development of optimization approaches offering integrated
plans is becoming a strategic industrial issue in production and logistics.
Most of the work in the literature on integrated planning and scheduling
(1) Remains focused on single-resource problems, (2) Proposes dedicated
and non-generic approaches, and (3) Ignores many industrial constraints
and the environmental impacts.
DecisionBrain is also developing a tool dedicated to production planning
as well as a production scheduling tool. These two tools are used
sequentially in practice, thus motivating the importance of ensuring the
consistency of the decisions taken at the two levels. Moreover, the
industrial problems solved by DecisionBrain being very diverse, the
proposed resolution approaches must be relatively generic. Finally,
environmental aspects are not yet explicitly considered in the problems
The objectives of the thesis are thus multiple, in particular:
    . Solve complex production planning problems with dozens of
resources in parallel and different industrial constraints, by
integrating objectives or constraints ensuring the consistency of the
proposed plan with scheduling decisions,
    . Propose generic and modular approaches that can deal with
problems at different levels of complexity,
    . Take environmental considerations into account.

Stéphane Dauzère-Pérès
Department of Manufacturing Sciences and Logistics
Center of Microelectronics in Provence, EMSE-CMP
Mines Saint-Etienne
Campus G. Charpak Provence
880 avenue de Mimet

Tel: +33 (0)4 42 61 66 60
Fax: +33 (0)4 42 61 65 91
E-mail: Dauzere-Peres@emse.fr
URL: http://cmp.mines-stetienne.fr/

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