Monday, September 12, 2022

[DMANET] [Deadline extended] Call for nominations: spotlight beyond WINE-22

The deadline for nomination is extended to *Sep 16, 2022*, considering
NeurIPS-22 notification.

The 18th conference on Web and Internet Economics (WINE'22
<>) will host a 'Spotlight beyond WINE'
session to highlight some of the best works in algorithmic game theory that
appeared in conferences and journals other than WINE, or mature working
papers. The intention of this session is to expose WINE attendees to
exciting works beyond the boundary of their current awareness. We seek
nominations for papers on topics that are relevant to Web and Internet
Economics and have made breakthrough advances, provided new directions, or
had significant impact on practice.

Examples of relevant conferences and journals include:
AER/Econometrica/JPE/QJE/RESTUD/TE/AEJ/JET/GEB, and Math of OR/Management
Science/Operations Research.

Anyone can nominate, and self-nomination is allowed. We particularly
encourage members of PCs or editorial boards in various venues to submit

*Deadline: Sep 16, 2022*

Nomination format: Nominations should be emailed to, and should include:

- Paper title and author names.
- Publication venue or online working version. Preference will be given
to papers that have appeared in a related conference or journal within the
past two years, or have a working version circulated within the past two
- A few sentences explaining why the paper is a good fit for spotlights
beyond WINE.
- Names of 1-3 experts in the area of the paper.

*Committee members*

- Edith Elkind (U. of Oxford)
- Michal Feldman (Tel Aviv U.)
- Philipp Strack (Yale U.)
- Gabriel Weintraub (Stanford U.)


Lirong Xia
Associate professor, Computer Science Department
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

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