Wednesday, September 14, 2022

[DMANET] Three Open Topic Professorships at University of Salzburg, Austria

At the Paris Lodron University Salzburg (PLUS), three professorships are
to be filled within the framework of the "Excellence in Digital Sciences
and Interdisciplinary Technologies" Initiative (EXDIGIT). The call for
applications does not have a narrow thematic focus, but is looking for
personalities - especially outstanding young talents - who have achieved
internationally renowned research results in one of the disciplines
represented at the newly founded Faculty of Digital and Analytical Sciences:
* Artificial Intelligence and Human Interfaces
* Geoinformatics
* Computer Science
* Mathematics

It is essential to convincingly build a bridge between at least two of
these disciplines or to another established subject at PLUS. The
research activities should complement the existing working groups at
PLUS, especially in the context of digital sciences, and set accents in
applied research or application-oriented basic research.

The appointment is limited to 5 years. An interim evaluation is planned,
in which the position holder should also present a concept of how the
research topics and positions developed within the framework of EXDIGIT
can be sustainably anchored at PLUS beyond the duration of the project.

Application deadline: October 24, 2022

Please find the official job post including all details here:
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