Thursday, September 22, 2022

[DMANET] Second edition of the Workshop Metabolism and mathematical models: Two for a tango

Dear all,

This is the first announcement for the 2nd Edition of the workshop "Metabolism and
mathematical models: Two for a tango" that will take place on October 25-26, 2022.
The workshop will be virtual as was the case for the 1st Edition which took place
on November 18-19, 2021.

As was the case for the first Edition and as the title indicates, the topic of the workshop
is metabolism in general. As in the previous case, a special - but not exclusive! - focus
will be placed on parasitology. Besides an exploration of the biological, biochemical
and biomedical aspects of metabolism, the workshop will also aim at presenting some
of the mathematical modelling, algorithmic theory and software development that
have become crucial to explore such aspects.

More details will be provided soon but initial information may be already found on
this page:

As you can see, we'll be very happy to have six Keynote speakers as for the 1st Edition:
Joshua Chan, Colorado State University, US;
Pedro Mendes, University of Connecticut Health Center, US;
Carlos Robello, Institut Pasteur de Montevideo and Faculty of Medicine, Uruguay;
Miguel Rocha, University of Minho, Portugal;
Emma Saavedra, Instituto Nacional de Cardiologia Ignacio Chavez, Mexico;
Joerg Stelling, ETH Zürich, Switzerland.

Besides the talks given by the above Keynote speakers, there will be two sessions,
one per day, of 30 minutes each, dedicated to a discussion of some specific open
questions. More details on these will be provided very soon.

The workshop will take place in the afternoons, from 2pm to 5:30pm CET time.
Registration is free but is required. To register, go to this link:

If you are interested, keep tuned, both on your mails for the second announcement
with all information, and on the web page of the workshop.

Cheers from the organisers,
Ariel Silber (Dept. of Parasitology, Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Univ. of São Paulo, Brazil)
Marie-France Sagot (Inria, CNRS and Univ. of Lyon 1, France)
Sara Tanqueiro (Instituto Superior Técnico and INESC-ID, Lisbon, Portugal)
Susana Vinga (Instituto Superior Técnico and INESC-ID, Lisbon, Portugal)
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